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We serve handmade South Indian pickles, chutneys and powders!


A token of appreciation for any occasion

Sweet Lemon PIckle - Spicy Tango

Loved trying the variety of goodies. Took home the Muramba, Chandra and Sweet Lemon pickle! Can't wait to add it to my dinners and over cheese for the holidays!!

— Cynthia Mcalister

We recently tried few pickles from Spicy Tango. Tomato and green Tamarind pickles were awesome. Tomato pickle had an extra ordinary blend that is unmatched with any brand from the desi store. Green Tamarind pickle has that native touch that reminded me of the original taste that I had long back from my mom’s cooking.

— Vishwanath Durbhakula

Enjoyed spicy tango goodies with friends yday, the mango chutney was an absolute hit, loved everything else too. Thank you!

— Preethi Krishnan

Muramba Sauce - Spicy Tango
Vaishali - Spicy Tango Founder


Spicy Tango’s inspiration comes from the tried and tested recipes for pickles, dips, and spices in the South Indian cuisine. These specialty food items can add a lot of flavor and make your meals robust and colorful.

However, they're not easily found in regular supermarkets. Spicy Tango's vision is to spread these flavors to communities everywhere. We offer different pickled products made of vegetable and citrus fruits as well as powdered mixes that can be used as spreads and dips.

Spicy Tango also aims to serve at local farmers’ markets and expositions, so look out for updates on our appearances throughout the community. Spicy Tango strives to preserve the authenticity of these age old food items; we hope to take these passed on recipes and spread the flavors through generations to come. Please help us in doing so by liking our Facebook page to stay updated on all our products and events!

Spicy Tango Flavors!

Our Story

Spicy Tango is an endeavor inspired by my mother’s recipes for spices, pickles, and dips (chutney pudis) originating from the cuisines of the Northern Karnataka region of India. As a young girl in India, I relished in my mother’s recipes; I looked forward to every meal where I could eat her handmade pickles and chutney powders. After settling down with my own family in Houston, Texas, I aimed to pass on those recipes and traditions to my children as a token of appreciation to my late mother. I hadn’t realized it yet, but this is when I embarked on Spicy Tango’s journey.

As I began to produce more of my mother’s recipes as well as experiment with my own ideas, I aimed to preserve the unique style and flavors of the original cuisine. What had started out as neighborly gifts to my friends, is now a mission to spread these flavors to communities all around the country. I have developed over a dozen different products using original and tested recipes in an effort to perfect this culinary art. Today, I aspire to put Spicy Tango’s products on the map by attending conventions and expanding my customer base to add these robust flavors to everyone’s palettes.

These artisan spices, pickles, and dips are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. These products add a touch of unique flavors to salads, bread, sandwiches, rice, and curries or can be used as table dips when mixed with olive oil truly making any meal a tango performed by spices. Through ingredients like flax seeds, turmeric root, ginger, garlic, cumin, and lemon, Spicy Tango products serve as a good source of vitamins, healthy fatty acids, probiotic bacteria, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and minerals.

Although Spicy Tango initially started as a local business only serving farmer's markets, repeating customers, constant demand, and online clientele has encouraged my vision to serve larger audiences. Spicy Tango has been blessed to make its name so far with what can truly be called as "Word of Mouth" within the Greater Houston area. Spicy Tango hopes to continue growing to larger audiences with customer support and loyalty.

Our Story
Spicy Tango's fresh ingredients
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